Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Room for one more

We made it through Christmas and New Years. Kids got their gifts and were happy. My dad was pleasant and the husband and I still have our sanity, well most of it. New Years was uneventful. Emma spent New Years at her friends Zoe's. The rest of us stayed up until 11:00 then we gave up and went to bed. I was awakened by kids running in to ask if we had heard the gun shots at midnight, well yea those and fireworks. The boys still fear gun shots due to one New Years when a bullet came through our roof and landed next to our oldest son. That then involved a lot of crying, on the kids part, and screaming.

So for 2008 is looking better. Last year was a hard year on us a lot happened. My dad became ill and was hospitalized and then had to come live with us. My youngest daughter had a close call with a woman in a park trying to take her with her. Never assume your 5 year old will not bolt from you at the first chance and will not then go with a stranger. Our youngest son had the end of his finger removed and reattached in a rather bizarre accident. We had other small but annoying things happen. This lasted up to December 23 when my newly repaired washer proceeded to fill itself for two straight hours. We were bailing water at midnight in a very cold basement. No corner of the downstairs was left dry.

One good thing from last year that will happen this year. We are going to be parents again. Yes a new addition, another rug rat, curtain climber whatever you wish to call them. This is why I have been away from the computer for so long. 24 hour a day sickness has kept me down more. This will make number 6 for us. This made Christmas dinner rather hard, I am not much into meat. We had a wonderful prime rib roast and I could not even look at it. This baby seems to be fine with smoked salmon and some chicken but otherwise meat is a no go.

Now to the name game. My wonderful husband, this was typed sarcastically, thinks we should name the baby with the middle name six. Our last child has the middle name Quinn meaning five. That is not why she got that middle name. I can not for the life of me figure out why he thinks he is funny when I am pregnant. By this time you would think he would have learned to be quiet and avoid eye contact.