Sunday, July 20, 2008

First lost tooth

Katie lost her first tooth today. This has been a two week process. Katie is all about the drama. At the first sign of it being loose she developed "the shakes". The daily updates were detailed and horror filled. This is Katie. Tonight I tied a string around this very loose tooth. I have found this works great, as I am tightening string the tooth normally comes out. Not this tooth. She walked around the house being very dramatic driving everyone up the wall. Andrew reached over and pulled the string, this was followed by high pitch screaming and the sound of feet up and down the stairs. Then came the wailing, "there's blood, there's blood". I thought we could do the tooth fairy thing and be done but oh no not with Katie. She came into the computer room and asked me if I would give her a dollar for her tooth. I tried to explain the Tooth Fairy would do that. She looked at me rolled her eyes and said, "oh come on mom we both know you and dad do that". She doesn't buy the Santa thing either. Oh well I still have Maddie to play Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause for.