Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have been off of here over a year. A lot has gone on in that year. We lost my dad last June. We lost a very close and dear friend in November and another friend in November. It has been a long year.

My dad was his old self towards the end. He had been put on medication to help and it did. My children got to know their grandfather. He had time to form a bond with our youngest child and she had time with him. I had time with my dad. I miss him very much. My dad was 79 soon to be 80 when he passed. I was with him while he passed. I never thought I could do such a thing but one learns they can. While I stood in an emergency room a doctor explained to me that another doctor and hospital had caused this death due to medical neglect and malpractice. Friends and family said "sue" I asked "why?". This would not bring him back, this would not change events. This would serve no purpose.

Rachel passed at 29, taken by ovarian cancer. She was a funny, kind and loyal friend. She was too young to leave this earth. We had known her from the age of 14, her mother was a very close friend. Sadly her mother was lost to cancer a few years earlier. She had been to doctors and was told oh you are fine. She had no insurance they had little interest. Rachel is greatly missed.

Ms. Carolyn was lost to medical neglect also. She also was 79. She was a neighbor and friend. She had lived an amazing life, been in the military and seen the world.
She is greatly missed.

We are just now "waking" from a long year. Our Maddie will be two tomorrow. We have decided to celebrate with family and friends at a park. She is walking and talking, singing and dancing. She has brought so much to this family.

We have changed a lot. No longer are possessions important. We saw our house almost taken by a fire that was burning a building next to us. We realized in an instant only our children and lives are important. Had we needed to take what meant the most, the children, animals and what photos we could reach would have been chosen. Everything else is just stuff. We realized Las Vegas is no longer home, Nevada may not even be home to us much longer. We must decide what is best for the whole family. Mark retires soon but we will still have children at home. Now to choose an area with good medical care, good colleges and a stable economy. On the list are Northern Nevada, Texas and a couple others. Homeschooling is important to us and so a state must be homeschool friendly also. Again, family is what we must thing about. Our family, husband, wife and children.

I am back. I hope to post more. I am hoping to post the changes we are going through. The joys and sorrows of life. Two new additions to the family are two giant schnauzers. They will also be the subject of stories along with the crazy rat terrier.