Tuesday, March 25, 2008


With Spring comes eczema for Caleb. The rest get a bit of sniffles, easily handled. The eczema is a different matter. We now must lotion the boy. This involves catching him as he streaks past, one parent holding him while the other greases him up. Caleb's asperger's brings with it the certainty that lotion, creams or any oils will cause great harm to him. I used to sneak in his room and lotion his hands while he was asleep. Now that I am pregnant I never seem to be awake longer than him. I know that must be an easier way but we haven't found it.

Evan on the other hand has slipped back to his previous ocd about traveling. He is doing much better with his homeschooling group but getting to events is an event in itself. First it is several trips to the bathroom, then the please not the freeway speech. We may also have to stop midway for another bathroom stop. I will put up with this as long as he is doing better at reading social cues and getting along with others.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pregnancy and Puberty

Pregnancy and puberty should not live in a home at the same time. I have come to realize this as I am pregnant and my 12 year old is entering the wonderful world of puberty. It has become a contest to see how many mood swings we can cover in a day.

I am now in my second trimester, yea. The morning sickness, that stuff that lasts 24/7 is now mostly in the evenings. I feel more human and have more energy. The energy part does no bode well for my children. I have the urge to clean the entire house and then do it again. I have gathered no baby stuff, we got rid of all of our baby stuff as we were done with babies. I will probably get to that by the end of my third trimester.

Evan is in his early puberty. The hair and skin still look good but the mood is dark and dreary. He is not the least bit interested in chores and school work. Talking back and girls however have become a new hobby. I thought Andrew was a joy in puberty, no Evan has topped that. Andrew has settled into himself and calmed down. Evan doesn't seem to be comfortable with himself or anyone. I am not sure about a child in puberty with asperger's but oh boy this is no fun. Old worries have come back, fears I thought were gone are back also. We had come so far in traveling and socializing now he prefers to have nothing to do with both.

I have Caleb to look forward to next. His asperger's is a bit harder than Evans. Maybe a cure for puberty will be discovered by then. Hey, I can dream.