Friday, May 30, 2008

This Week

The week is almost over. We have had homeschool day camp all week. The kids have had a blast and are worn out. The girls and I have Girl Scouts tonight and the girls have a Girl Scout sleep over tomorrow. I am thinking by Sunday this entire house will be out.

My dads legs are worse, he starts back to wound care Monday. He insists on staying at his house to guard it. So he sleeps in a chair, doesn't eat well and is just a mess on his legs. I need to get him to find a new doctor too. He is great on so many levels except his care. This is a very frustrating thing to watch someone that has always been so independent move to needing care. We deal with this as we do all things, knowledge, patience and faith.

Madelynn has grown very active the last two days. She kicks and moves almost all the time. She is already showing signs of a night owl.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This was screamed throughout my house today. We found out our newest family member will be a girl. She is due August 18th. Everything looks great.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seeded vs Seedless

Kate is my youngest, at least until August. She is six years old. The other morning she was up early and chattering about things.

Kate: Mom, do all men have seeds?

Mom: Well I guess if they want to garden the go out and buy them.

Kate: No mom seeds, you know for making babies.

Mom: Ohh seeds. Umm yes they do. (mom is now wondering where this is coming from and if maybe a cup of coffee would be in order)

Kate: Can a man be seedless?

Mom: Well, yes they can I suppose.

Kate: I am going to have any man I marry checked for seeds.

Mom: Kate, I thought you said you weren't going to "have" a baby but adopt.

Kate: I am but I don't want a seedless husband.

Mom: Kate they aren't watermelons. (totally wondering why I got up this morning)

Kids come up with the wildest things. This seemed to have been on her mind for a while. I never even thought about a "seedless" husband. Obviously as we are going on our sixth child he isn't but I never thought about it before.