Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't touch the baby

I took Evan and Maddie to the store with me the other day. At one point I really had to use the restroom. I parked Maddie outside the bathroom with Evan. I came out to a clearly livid Evan. I asked him what was wrong.

" This woman came up and asked where the babies mommy was."

" All you had to tell her was I was in the restroom."

" I did and then she asked if I was Maddie's dad. She thought I was her daddy. How dumb can someone be?"

" Well Evan you are tall for your age and very good with Maddie. It was just a mistake, not worth getting so upset."

"I am annoyed over the dad comment. I am mad because she touched Maddie's foot."

At this point Evan's pitch changes and Maddie grabs her foot and holds it up for me. This may seem like no big deal but one of Evan's OCD's is germs and touching. I can not take Maddie in and wash her foot this will not work for Evan. I think I have an easy solution go pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer and purchase it and use it. No, no that simple, they have none in the store. The swine flu has everyone in some sort of hand sanitizer panic. I ask a clerk that asks another clerk. Nope sold out. I explain that I really need something as my son is a bit OCD and now hyperventalating as he is sure Maddie has been exposed to some horrid virus. The fact that they are sold out of hand sanitizer proves there is something out there to pass along. One clerk kindly lets me use hers. I have to put it my hand give Evan some and then he can sanitize Maddies foot. I need a sign to hang on Maddie, "Do Not Touch The Baby" at least not when Evan is around.

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